The Hoosers

From the moment I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to allow birth to happen as naturally as possible, but also as safely as possible. Being in the medical profession, I was always scared of the idea of a home birth, but wanted my child’s entry into the world to be calm and beautiful. I sought out Vonda and knew immediately after having coffee with her that I needed her to be a part of our child’s birth story. My biggest qualm was not wanting my husband to feel like he was taking the backseat. Throughout Hypnobirthing classes which Vonda taught in our home, she made sure my husband was educated and involved. When baby was taking his sweet time to get here, Vonda and my husband power walked with me over the Vilano Bridge and back to easy my anxiety and try to get baby positioned for delivery. When I went into labor, my husband was able to seamlessly aid me through several hours of labor at home and then with Vonda’s gentle guidance as well, I was able to labor even longer at home. Upon arrival to the hospital, Vonda read my needs and coached me and my husband through the most amazing birth experience. I felt so at ease, yet so empowered, and so did my husband. Without her, I know I would not have been able to confidently labor as long at home. Without her, I know my husband would have felt lost. Instead he was a steady hand, right along side Vonda’s as we brought our son into the world. I’m so grateful for our entire birth team! Vonda is the best investment we ever made and I am so thankful for her presence during the most meaningful time in our lives.  

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