London Rose Parks

I am Doula Vonda’s daughter, I got the magic combination anyone having a baby could want, a mom that’s a doula, a doula that’s your mom what else could be more perfect!! If you can kick butt at having a baby that’s exactly what we did. Mom guided Sam and I through private Hypnobirthing classes in our home and taught us everything we would need to know about labor, breathing, focus, letting your body do the work and just relaxing through it all, among many other things. This was my second baby/delivery and I can absolutely say 100% that the combination of learning the hypnobirthing techniques, having the support of a phenomenal doula and staying very active ( I did crossfit up until the day I gave birth) was the key to our flawless delivery. I began having contractions around 2am and labored at home with mom and Sam by my side until about 5 min apart which was around 7am, mom watched me closely for signs of transition and told us right when we needed to leave, Sam fought his way through rush hour traffic (my only fear was she would come fast and during rush hour and she did) we arrived at the Birth Center around 8am right at 6cm, I labored in the whirlpool for a while, mom moved around the room setting up all my preferences that we had discussed prior, my aromatherapy, lights and relaxing music and before I knew it labor started getting real, the surges became intense and I knew I needed to changed around to different positions until I was comfortable and ready to push, mom helped facilitate the most comfortable position which ended up being on my hands and knees up on the bed, facing Sam with him supporting my upper body and my head resting on his shoulder where he was able to speak right into my ear using the comforting techniques he learned from our Hypnobirthing class, he encouraged me as I breathed through surges, having him close made me feel like we were doing it together and the incredible bond from that experience has impacted us greatly! Having mom right by my side I knew she had everything else taken care of, if I needed a cold wash cloth or different music she was on it faster than you could say lets have a baby! Our beautiful daughter London Rose was born after just 3 pushes at 10:10 am, we cuddled, cried, and stared in amazement at our beautiful tiny baby and basked in the peace and joy of our absolutely perfect birth. If you want to kick butt at birth and are deciding whether or not Doula Vonda is the doula you need, look no further. She’s patient, wise, loving, efficient, gentle, intuitive, she knows a lot of tricks and has hands on experience with ways to ease labor and guide you through the often bumpy stages of birth. She’s full of knowledge & experience, she’s a teacher, a friend, a mother & a doula all in one. If you’re lucky enough to have her at your birth you will never regret the calm experience and wisdom she brings with her everywhere she goes ????  Sam Andrea Lincoln and London Rose