Liz Murphy

Doula Vonda is the kindest, gentlest person I know. This is the perfect career for her! She taught us Hypnobirthing when we had 2 months left before the birth of our 2nd son. She was very caring throughout the entire learning process and made sure we understood all the concepts. It made us so excited and look forward to labor although we never thought we would. After all, who gets excited about something that our society deems as painful? Not only that but with our first son, we had gone the hospital route thinking that we could wing it with natural birth and of course ended up getting painkillers, an epidural and Pitocin. Nobody there knew anything about natural childbirth and I had a lot of fear because I felt helpless. I know now that fear is why I had so much excruciating pain the first time.
This time around having Doula Vonda there with us throughout the entire process made a huge difference in the way things went. Doula Vonda taught us everything that was going to happen and so we knew going into it what to expect. Most importantly, she helped me get past my very real fears of failing in natural childbirth. I can honestly say that this 2nd birth was not a painful experience. I was not afraid this time. I had confidence. I was in the zone and focused. Having Doula Vonda there with her soft, quiet voice and peaceful presence helped me know that I could get through it peacefully. Our son was born within 6 hours of labor. He was even born en caul (in the sac) which shows how calm I was! The methods taught in Hypnobirthing are different from the conventional methods but having experienced both, I can tell you this is a much better way to go! I felt awesome afterwards and said to myself, “Wow! Let’s do that again! That was cool!”
We were able to experience the wonderful joy we’d been hoping for! I love telling our birth story because it was just so amazing and joyful- the way it should be when a baby enters the world!