Carissa Fassnacht

I met Vonda through an event held by Doulananda. It was a meet and greet with the intention of helping expectant mothers find a doula that they would feel comfortable with. There were several doulas there, but almost immediately, even before speaking with her, I knew Vonda was the person I wanted supporting me through the rest of my pregnancy and eventual labor.
She radiated calm and confidence which I certainly needed. After asking her to be my doula, I was so grateful to have her alongside me. Vonda came with me to a few doctor appointments, she sat with me in my home, and she called and text messaged just to see how I was doing. It was wonderful to have someone knowledgable who could answer my questions, especially when experiencing signs that labor was approaching.
When I went into labor, Vonda arrived at my house promptly and helped my husband and me decide the best time to go to the hospital. She worked with me through contractions, reminding me to breathe and relax, but never in an over-bearing or stressful way.
After the birth of my baby, Vonda stayed in touch and visited when it was convenient in order to answer any questions regarding breast-feeding and postpartum emotions and healing.
I would recommend Vonda to anyone looking for a doula who feels more like a wise, sweet friend that you’ve known for years.