Brian & Cynthia Wingfield

It was an honor and an absolute pleasure to work with Vonda Bartlett. I truly was blessed that after the Doula Meet and Greet in Growing Families St. Augustine, I had submitted an essay to qualify for a scholarship. At the end of the meet and greet, Vonda calls and tells me that she would love to work with me. I was astonished and overwhelmed, because prior to meeting her, I had read her Bio, Vonda was my number one choice. To have been chosen by her was was incredible.
Since the first day she became my doula, she started sending me Videos and articles about the birthing process and breastfeeding. She began filling my head with so much great information I was soaking it all in. I was glad to learn so much from her and the information she provided beforehand. She gave me her cell phone number to call or text her anytime I had any questions or concerns. She literally was available 24/7.
During the whole process she was so motherly and loving, which was great since my mother who lives in Chicago couldn’t be there at the time of the pregnancy and birth. Vonda made me feel so comfortable and calm throughout the whole process. At the time of the birth, Vonda came to me ASAP and was prepped and ready to go in seconds. She brought such a calmness to me and helped me breath as according to hypnobirthing. She helped me relax and would often remind me to don’t tense up. She also put cold wash cloths on my forehead to cool me down and when It came time to push, she held me up. She did Above and Beyond what I could have ever asked for or imagined. After my birth, she still keeps in touch with me and asks how the baby and I are doing. What an amazing experience it was to have a Doula for the first time, but it was even more wonderful to have Vonda as my Doula. The whole experience was well worth it. Thank you Vonda! 🙂